She holds a masters degree in Human Resources Management (International Development) from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom (UK), where she concentrated on the comparison of the Human Resources practices of the First world and countries such as Nigeria. She is also a graduate of Mass Communication from the Enugu State University, the knowledge and practice of which assists greatly in the areas of procurement and negotiations. She is a dynamic individual who helps immensely to drive this company in the right direction.

Has 4 years experience in the Human Resources Department of a telecoms company named First Libra Development Company. At First Libra, her job entailed mainly staff recruitment, performance appraisals and identification of training needs where applicable. This developed a strong passion for human capital management which she used to proceed to Mun Renewal Resources, a recruitment agency in 2007 where she currently serves as the Chairman of the Board.

She is also in the Education sector where she serves as a Director on the Board of Parkview Montessori School a private institution located in the South East region.

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